Rebecca's Testimonial (Maruko's Owner)

Maruko has been to quite a few boarding places e.g. pet shop boarding, boarding kennels or some private home boarding.
Junie's place is the only pet boarding place gives me the peace of mind whenever I am away from Maruko.
Dogs are just like little kids, they don't hide their feelings. Their reaction is always so honest and direct. And when I picked up Maruko last time, she was a little upset when leaving. That just tells me how well Junie has cared for Maruko.
Maruko was able to run around freely at Junie's place, sleep freely on floor, bean bag or even the sofa. Junie love those dogs like her own, she took Maruko out for walks, dog run and beach play. She also groom them so whenever I pick up Maruko she's always nice and clean.
And the thing I appreciate the most is that Junie took extra effort to help me to train Maruko to socialise with dogs and people. Also to correct some bad habits that Maruko had.
I would strongly recommend Junie to anyone who's looking for a loving and safe environment for the little love ones while they are away.

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